Let’s Go Rucking

You want me to do what?

If you’ve fallen in love with rucking and want to share the experience with your friends, you might get some questions or confused looks.

Despite its growing popularity, rucking is still a relatively unknown fitness regimen. Below, we’ll share several tip on how you can help get your friends to join you on your next ruck.

  1. Explain the Concept: Start by explaining what rucking is all about. The elevator pitch is “Rucking involves walking with a loaded backpack. It is a full body workout and the extra weight increases the intensity, burning way more calories than walking.”
  2. Emphasize the Benefits: Rucking offers numerous benefits that make it an appealing fitness activity. It improves cardiovascular health, increases muscular endurance, and burns calories. By rucking, you can also develop better posture, strengthen your core, and build stronger leg muscles. Mention how rucking is a low-impact exercise that puts less strain on your joints compared to activities like running. It also has tons of mental benefits that can help reduce stress and boot your mood.
  3. Make it a Fun Ruck: Everyone loves an adventure! Organize a rucking adventure with your friends and make it an unforgettable experience. Some popular ideas are an Ice Cream Ruck, Brew Ruck, Breakfast Ruck, or Taco Ruck. In these rucks the final destination end with a treat everyone will enjoy. Make it even more fun with multiple stops along the way.
  4. Provide Equipment and Guidance: To get your friends interested, make it easy for them to participate. Offer to lend them a spare rucksack or help them find a good rucking backpack. Ensure the pack is comfortable and properly fitted to avoid discomfort during the ruck. Share tips on how to load the backpack properly and distribute the weight evenly. Offering guidance will increase their confidence and help them enjoy the activity.
  5. Start Slow and Progress Gradually: Rucking can be challenging, especially for beginners. Encourage your friends to start with lighter weights and shorter distances. The goal is to build endurance and strength gradually, without risking injury or overwhelming them. The beauty of rucking is that you can still get a great workout by simply adding more weight to your ruck!
  6. Give Them Patches: People love a challenge and love being rewarded for it. Consider signing up for a Rucking Challenge at RuckingChallenges.com and order a patch for your friend. It is amazing the power that little 2×3 velcro patch has to motivate people and give a sense of accomplishment.
  7. Try a Star Course: Some people are motivated by training for an event or challenge. GORUCK has an amazing rucking event called the Star Course. Invite your friend to join you in training for a Star Course. It may be the motivation they need to start getting out and rucking more.
  8. Do They Want More? Have a friend that is super fit and thinks that just going for a walk with a backpack is easy? Tell them you’ll stop mid-way for a rucking workout and then pull a workout or two from RuckWOD.com to make their foray into rucking a little extra spicy!

Remember, the key to getting your friends to try rucking is to make it enjoyable and accessible. By explaining the concept, highlighting the benefits, and planning exciting adventures, you can inspire them to join you on this incredible fitness journey.

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