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I’ve been rucking for a long time and I’m always looking for a great deal on gear. The good news is that there are a lot of my go-to Rucking items available on Amazon.

Below is are some of my favorite rucking items on Amazon. I have purchased and used all of them. If you have any questions about any of them, drop them in the comment section.

Yes4All Ruck Weights

The GORUCK Plates are nice, but it is hard to beat the Yes4All price at $22-$62. The downside is that Yes4All Ruck weights only come in the “long” variation. It isn’t too big of a deal since more and more GORUCK bags, like the GORUCK Rucker, can now accommodate the long plates.

If you prefer the “smaller” traditional ruck weight size, Yes4All does have this interesting “multi-weight” setup that might work.

Whatever the case, these are a great weight solution to save a few bucks. (FWIW, there are a few other vendors on amazon with ruck weights you might want to check out.)

Source Hydration 3L Low Profile Water Bladder for Rucking

I’ve used the Source Hydration 3L Low Profile Water Bladder as my go-to hydration source for every rucking adventure I’ve ever been on. Despite putting it thorough a TON of abuse, the bladder has never broken, busted, or had any issues. I can’t recommend this bladder enough. The price varies from time to time, but at the time of this posting, it is on Amazon for $37. It is worth well more that that. (By comparison, the 2L variation sells on GORUCK for $45.)

Low Cost Rucking Headlamp

I’ve owned a lot of headlamps for rucking. Probably the most expensive was the Black Diamond Storm ($50-$75), which was a good one. But, I’ve since switched to these $15 Energizer headlamps. With 260 Lumens, IPX4 Water resistance, red/green light, multiple brightness and angles, these Energizer Headlamps really are a great deal!

That said, double check the listing. A lot of these look very similar but don’t all have the same features. My favorite one has the red/green light option.

Darn Tough Rucking Socks

Whether your prefer boot length or ankle socks, Darn Tough is a really great rucking sock. There are two reasons. First, they have a lifetime guarantee and they stand by it. I’ve traded out 2 pair of socks in the last couple years for a brand new pair. So, the cost pays for itself. The second reason is they’re really comfortable. Just the right amount of compression and padding. For just $25 on Amazon, you can get away with just a couple pairs if you wash them regularly enough. Once they wear out, ship them back for a new pair.

I’d also mention that GORCK has a nice Merino Wool sock that I like and so does MudGear, which is available on Amazon as well.

Blister Prevention Tape for Rucking

When the miles start to add up, blisters are likely to follow. For whatever reason, I have pretty tough feet and don’t get too many blisters. But, I’ve loved this tape kit from KT for the main reason that it comes in a small roll and it pre-cut. This is particularly helpful when you’re out on a ruck and need to address a new blister or hot-spot. Usually, I’ll just rip off 5 or 6 to carry in my ruck. Alway nice to have some spares if friends or fellow ruckers need them. At $10 +/- on amazon this is some of my favorite blister tape for rucking.

Trail Toes Blister Prevention Cream

While we’re talking about blisters, I might as well plug my favorite cream. The Trail Toes cream is under $15 and has kept me relatively blister free for hundreds of miles. I’ve used this on my feet for multiple GORUCK events, including both of my 50-milers. I usually put it on prior to long rucks and have had good success with it. Recently I splurged and bought a 10-pack of individually portioned Trail Toe creams. This was much easier and lighter to throw in the ruck. You pay a little more, but worth it if you want easy to carry and don’t need a whole jar of it.

Reflective Straps for Rucking

Being seen at night or early morning is critical to safety when rucking. There is no end to the variations of reflective straps you can pick up on Amazon. For just a few bucks, you can have these to strap onto your body or ruck to increase your safety. Personally, I have these, which are a little more expensive at $11, but I like they are flat and I can weave them in my Rucker’s molle.

Best Ruck on Amazon

It is no secret that I love GORUCK bags. For Rucking, the GORUCK Rucker is simply the gold standard. However, if you don’t have the coin for GORUCK, Amazon actually carries my favorite low-cost ruck, the 5.11 Rush 12. Coming in at $100, the Rush 12 is a solid rucking bag that can handle weight and abuse of rucking.

Energy Jelly Beans for a Rucking Pick-me-up

For whatever reason, these jelly beans on amazon have been my go-to for quick energy and pick-me-up when I’m out on long rucks. They are tasty and some have a little hit of caffeine, which is nice. Price varies depending on how much bulk you buy, but I almost always have 2 packs of these in my ruck and people love them when shared.

Light Weight and Tasty Rucking Snack for Quick Calories

The GU Stoopwafel has been my favorite snack to pack when I’m out on a ruck. It is lightweight, has reasonable calories, and tastes great. The price on amazon varies depending on if you want a lot, a little, or a variety. I had these with my daughter on our last 50-miler and they were the best!

Mechanix Gloves for Ruck PT

I most frequently need these when I’m rucking in a GORUCK event, but they also help in a pinch when the weather is less than ideal. On Amazon in the $15-$25 range depending on which style you like, they are a solid set of work gloves that are perfect for ruck PT sessions.

Best After-Ruck Back Care

After a long ruck (or better yet, the day after) I have come to LOVE this back trigger point massager. It simple gets into pressure points on my back, shoulders, and neck like nothing else. Since this is a knock off, the $15 price is worth every penny. Of course, if you want the name brand, Back Buddy, it’ll set you back $30. Of course, you can never go wrong with a simple $10 foam roller for the back. It is a rucking must-have.

Got anything rucking related you love to buy on Amazon for a deal? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

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