End of the Watch Memorial Ruck

The goal of End of Watch Memorial Ruck (EOWMR) is first to remember those in Law Enforcement who have given all in service of their community and country, second to help raise money for officers injured in the line of duty and for the families left behind when an officer has given all.

EOWMR’s first event was held in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, but they are hoping to expand to other areas in the coming years.

In addition to an annual ruck, EOWMR is encouraging members of its community do monthly rucks to honor the fallen with most of them putting in one mile for every officer who died in the line of duty during a given month.

Here’s a great example of what they’re doing.

If you or your Ruck Club is looking to put in some miles that have some extra meaning EOWMR is a great way to do it.

Reach out to them on their Facebook page and tell them you’d like to start doing an End of Watch Memorial Ruck in your area.

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