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June 2019 Rucking Challenges

Looking for some fun this June? Here is a list of the various Rucking Challenges you can get involved with:

Peanut Butter Ruck

What: This is a Service Ruck. In addition to your regular ruck weight, put as much Peanut Butter (or canned goods) as you can manage into your ruck. Then, head off to your local food bank to make a donation. Distance recommendations and full details here.

Cost: $10-$12

Goodies: Free Patch + chance to win free access to Heavy Drop Ruck Training.

Hashtag: #MonthlyRuckingChallenge

More info and registration here.

What: This is a fundraiser to help send D-Day heroes back to Normandy for the 75th anniversary. There are multiple levels with multiple challenges.

Cost: Donation of $25-$75.

Goodies: Patch

Hashtag: #RuckingChallenge

More info and registration here.

Ruck Club Callout

What: Not released yet.

Cost: Free (must be done in connection with an official GORUCK Ruck Club)

Goodies: Patch

Hashtag: #RuckClubCallOut

More info and registration with your local Ruck Club.

Posted by is managed by Ryan Burns and is a part of The Rucking Collective, LLC. Ryan discovered Rucking through GORUCK and has completed numerous GORUCK events, including their 50-mile Star Course. You can reach him at

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