GORUCK Star Course 50% Off Sale

The GORUCK Star Course, one of the best rucking events in the US, is on sale this week for 50% off using the code “CYBER50”.

The GORUCK Star Course is a pure rucking event held throughout the United States. The event itself finds its roots in an executive order to members of the military by Teddy Rosevelt and later echoed by JFK: “Do 50 miles in under 20 hours.”

While the original Star Course is a 50-mile ruck, GORUCK has added a 26.2-mile and 12-mile option this year.

For the event, you must carry a ruck with 10-20# based on your bodyweight and you must complete the event with a team of at least one other person.

Full event details and location can be found here. Remember, use the code CYBER50 to save 50% this week!

If you’re a Rucker, this is the must-do event for 2019.

So, will we see you out there? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by
Ryan Burns

Ryan Burns is the founder of The Rucking Collective, LLC, which runs a number of ruck-related websites, including Rucking.com. Ryan discovered Rucking through GORUCK and has completed numerous GORUCK events, including their 50-mile Star Course. When not rucking, Ryan enjoys time with his family and helping others on their fitness journey as a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. You can reach him at ryan@rucking.com

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