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August 2019 Rucking Challenges

Looking for some fun this June? Here is a list of the various Rucking Challenges you can get involved with:

Freedom Ruck

What: This is a scavenger hunt, ruck style. Grab your ruck and the scavenger list. Don’t stop rucking till you’ve found everything on the list. Full details here.

Cost: $10-$12

Goodies: Free Patch + chance to win free goodies from Combat Ready Tape.

Hashtag: #MonthlyRuckingChallenge

More info and registration here.

What: This month, we honor the Special Forces (SF) soldiers who served in the Vietnam War and shaped the history of the Green Berets. We will also remember the work they did as part of Military Assistance Command, Vietnam-Studies and Observation Groups (MACVSOG) to stem the spread of Communism across Southeast Asia. All four of the challenge workouts are designed to be done with a partner because working as a cohesive unit, and supporting each other through challenging circumstances, has always been a cornerstone of the teams.

Cost: Free.

Goodies: Patch

Hashtag: #RuckingChallenge

More info and registration here.

Ruck Club Callout

What: Has not been released

Cost: Free (must be done in connection with an official GORUCK Ruck Club)

Goodies: Patch

Hashtag: #RuckClubCallOut

More info and registration with your local Ruck Club.

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