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February 2021 Rucking Challenge

If you’re looking for some ruck love this February, look no further than the February Rucking Challenge.

This month you’re going to be showing your ruck some love by pulling it off your back and wrapping it in your warm embrace… and then rucking 4 miles.

This is a great rucking challenge because it breaks you out of the norm. Carrying your ruck in the front engages an entirely different set of muscles and forces you to get uncomfortable in a completely new way.

The distance is four miles, which will suck if you take them all in one go. For those who want to break them up over the month, you can sling your ruck in the front from time to time durning your rucks throughout the month to get your total miles.

Of course, if you’re in a Ruck Club, this is an epic Valentine Ruck. Nothing quite so comical as a group of people walking around town all holding their rucks in front of them.

Hope you all like this one and get out there and get rucking! And, as always, there is a sweet patch to earn:

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