Pathfinder Ruck Training

If you’re looking for a self-directed rucking program that integrates with a great community of like-minded people and a splash of accountability, you might want to check out the Pathfinder Ruck Training program.

Pathfinder Overview

Pathfinder offers “classes” that last for 12 weeks and offer 3 different program levels that primarily differentiate themselves with the number of miles and challenges you’re required to do. They are Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Within your chosen program level you will:

  • have a set number of miles you’ll have to complete.
  • have a set number of workouts you’ll have to complete.
  • have a set number of challenges you’ll need to complete.

The program is self-paced, but you’ll be assigned to an online group with a designated POC to help you navigate the course and get the most out of your training. Once a class begins, you have 12 weeks to complete all your work.


At the heart of Pathfinder is getting you out and rucking. Below is the required mileage for each level.

  • Introductory – 75 Rucking Miles
  • Intermediate – 125 Rucking Miles
  • Advanced – 200 Rucking Miles


One of the most fun parts of the Pathfinder program is the challenges. Based on your program level you’ll be required to complete 3, 4, or 5 challenges from this list:

  • APFT Score Achievement
  • Pre/Post Workout Rucks
  • Mountain Ruck
  • Overnight Ruck
  • Coupon Ruck
  • Timed Ruck
  • Double Miles
  • Triple Miles
  • Endurance Challenge

Better with friends

While Pathfinder is a good program for solo training, it is always better when you have some ruck buddies doing it at the same time. They will motivate you to get out and get to work. If you’re looking for some training buddies, we highly recommend you find a Ruck Club in your area.


Pathfinder isn’t for everyone. While the online community is great, you’ll have to the be the one that straps on the ruck and gets to work. There aren’t assignments for every day, you’ll have to FFIO for yourself and make a plan to get all your work done.

If you’re cool with those limitations, then keep an eye out for the next class and sign up.

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