Ruck Training with Ruck.Training

If you’re looking for some training guidance, you should check out Ruck.Training.

While the guides are designed to help those who are preparing for a GORUCK Challange, the heart and soul of the training guides is rucking. In fact, you can download any of their guides in an editable format, delete all the PT, and you’ll actually have a really good rucking program to help you build miles and load.

In addition to their training guides, Ruck.Training posts daily workouts and rucks. Again, if you aren’t interested in the PT, you can simply follow their daily ruck schedule for year-round fun.

What’s great about this program is that it is a “guide.” It gives you a template to build from, or you can just use it straight out of the box.

Oh, and it is free. So, that’s awesome.

Check out Ruck.Training to learn more.

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