Ruck Events

Rucking Challenge Rundown – March 2019

Looking for a Rucking Challenge this March? Here are all your options:

1,000 Pound Ruck


What: Ruck a cumulative 1,000 pounds the distance of one mile. (Details here)

Cost: $10

Goodies: Free Patch + chance to win Ruck Weights from Titan Fitness.

Hashtag: #MonthlyRuckingChallenge

More info and registration here.

Ruck Your Dog


What: Ruck some miles with your 4-legged friend.

Cost: Free-$100 (Donation supports Pets for Patriots)

Goodies: Patch

Hashtag: #RuckingChallenge

More info and registration here.

Ruck Club Callout


What: Ruck a minimum of 3 miles while connected to a minimum of 3 people.

Cost: Free (must be done in connection with an official GORUCK Ruck Club)

Goodies: Patch

Hashtag: #RuckClubCallOut

More info and registration with your local Ruck Club.

Know of any more Ruck Challenges we need to add? Sound off in the comments below.