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6 Ways to Get Rucking in 2020

2020 is officially here! If you’re looking to start rucking, or need a little extra motivation to keep going, here are six ways to get rucking in 2020.

Monthly Rucking Challenges

Every month the folks at RuckingChallenges.com host a virtual rucking challenge. The challenges are scalable for everyone from experienced ruckers to newbies and can be done solo or with a group.

And, of course, participants can earn a sweet patch.

Join a Ruck Club

Rucking is always better with other people. With over 300 ruck clubs around the world, there may already be one near you. And if not, you can always start your own.

Ruck clubs offer regular rucks, workouts, and social events and are a great way to ruck in 2020.

You can check out what some Ruck Clubs have been up to in our ruck club spotlight section and then find one in your hood.

Sign Up for A Star Couse

Designed to be a purely rucking event (ruck + weight + miles), GORUCK has rolled out a TON of Star Courses around the world. In approachable distances from 5K to 50-miles, there is a Star Course out there for everyone.

And, if you want to have motivation to ruck in 2020, having an event deadline is certainly a great motivator!

Click to find a Star Course near you.

GORUCK 10,000 Step Challenge

In 2020, GORUCK is challenging everyone to get a daily average of 10,000 steps.

Now, all those steps don’t need to be just rucking… but it is encouraged. Of course, GORUCK has a sweet patch for everyone that wants to get in on the challenge

Click to register.

Charity Challenges

If you’re gonna walk 10,000 steps in 2020, you might as well go ahead and ruck 1,000 miles. Charity Challenges hosts a 1,000-mile challenge every year and, bonus, all the profits go to support amazing charities. They also sell a super cool patch to help you log your miles! Even if you don’t hit the 1,000 miles, you’ll support a great cause and checking those little boxes is soooo satisfying.

Click to Learn More.

Ruck a Race

Road races always have a great vibe about them. The course is laid out and folks are cheering and having a great time.

If there is a popular or fun road race in your area, consider rucking it. But first, check and see if they have a rucking division. If not, reach out to them and see if they’ll add one. If that doesn’t work, just show up and ruck the race anyway!

Other Ideas?

Got any more ideas on how to get into rucking in 2020? Sound off in the comment section below!

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Rucking.com is managed by Ryan Burns and is a part of The Rucking Collective, LLC. Ryan discovered Rucking through GORUCK and has completed numerous GORUCK events, including their 50-mile Star Course. You can reach him at ryan@rucking.com

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