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Holiday Ruck Club Ideas

As we approach the holiday season, here are a few event ideas to use with your ruck club.

Canned Good Ruck

Around Thanksgiving and Christmas is a great time to have a Canned Good Ruck. For this ruck, set a minimum weight for everyone’s ruck and they must show up at the start point with their ruck filled with canned goods equal to or greater than the minimum weight. Then, as a crew, ruck to a local food shelter and make a donation of all your goods.

Turkey Day Ruck

There is nothing special here, but people are often looking for something to do on the morning of Thanksgiving. Plan a morning ruck with your ruck club and get some miles before you indulge in your Thanksgiving Day feasts. Encourage folks to bring the family and friends out to join in and maybe your Turkey Day Ruck could become an annual tradition.

Progressive Dinner Ruck

Nothing says happy holidays like having friends over to your house. Find 3-5 folks in your Ruck Club that live relatively close and have a progressive dinner where you ruck from house to house. Each host home can supply some light finger foods and drinks and you all can hang out for 15-20 minutes before heading to the next stop.

Holiday Light Tour Ruck

Find a few parts of town that have a lot of really well-decorated houses for the holidays and plan a route to ruck out together to see them. (Don’t forget headlamps and reflectors.)

Christmas Recovery Ruck

After the dust of Christmas settles down, people are often itching to get out of the house. Maybe some of the folks in your ruck club got a sweet new ruck or some ruck plates. Schedule a mid-afternoon ruck to put in some miles together. Mid-afternoon is best to catch people post-lunch and pre-dinner.

New Years Day Ruck

Start the new year off right, putting in miles with your ruck club. Maybe these will be the first miles towards your 2019 Charity Challange 1,000 mile goal.

So, what are some ideas you have? Is your ruck club doing anything special for the holidays? Let us know in the comment section below.

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