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What is a Ruck Club?

A Ruck Club is a group of people that like to strap on their rucks and put in some miles together.

But, a Ruck Club is usually much more than just miles under load.

Many Ruck Clubs offer a variety of ways to connect and engage. For example, a number of Ruck Clubs offer “Fun Rucks” like a Brew Ruck visiting local breweries. Other Ruck Clubs have regular service project like cleaning local trails or partnering with other organizations to do good in their community. Some Ruck Clubs integrate PT workouts while others just like putting in miles together.

Ruck Clubs are great because unlike running, you can actually maintain a pace to have a good conversation. Rucking also lets the group scale difficulty based on ruck weight, not speed. Meaning, a group can walk together at the same pace and those who want to hard-charge can simply add more weight to slow them down.

At its core, a Ruck Club is about getting out, getting active, and getting connected to people and your community.

If you’re looking for a Ruck Club, GORUCK has been instrumental in helping form clubs around the US and the world. Click the map to find a Ruck Club near you. And, if there isn’t one, then start one (GORUCK will even help you do it).


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