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Three Fun Ruck Ideas for Ruck Clubs

The great thing about Ruck Clubs is putting in miles and having a good time with friends old and new.

If you’re in a Ruck Club, here are three fun ruck events you can host that people are sure to love.

Taco Ruck

While I don’t entirely get it (sorry) tacos are all the rage these days. So, pull out a map of your town’s top taco joints and plan a route that allows you to ruck to 4-6 of them.

Be sure to get a good idea of your group’s size for the event and call the restaurant in advance to let them know you’ll be rucking through to visit them. Also, maybe don’t eat a ton of tacos at each joint. That could get ugly by the last stop.

Service Ruck

This is a great one, especially around the holiday season. Have each person in the club load their rucks down with canned goods and plan a ruck to a local food shelter. The bonus of this ruck is that the return trip is much lighter.

Brew Ruck

Perhaps the most classic of the group fun rucks is the brew ruck. Pick 4-6 breweries in your town and ruck to them one-by-one. As with the taco ruck, it is polite to give the establishment a call in advance to let them know you’ll be coming through.

Also, be careful with this one. Having multiple beers at each stop could get ugly and dangerous. No one wants to have to buddy carry a drunk club member at the end of this one.

Other ideas?

What about you? Has your ruck club put together a fun ruck? Help the community and drop your ideas in the comment section below.



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