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May 2020 Rucking Challenges

Want to get some miles, earn some patches, and honor some people? Here are some rucking challenges to check out this May. is running the “Carry Their Load” challenge this month in honor of Memorial Day. Carry an extra ruck or double your rucking weight and head out to visit a memorial.

More info and registration here.

GORUCK’s May challenge honors those serving on the frontlines of the Covid-19 battle. Ruck 10,000 steps in May to show your solidarity with the medical workers of our communities.

More info and registration here.

This “Remember and Honor” Rucking Challenge is from May 2019, but can still be done today. Simply load your ruck a little heavier than normal, add the name and/or picture of a fallen service member, and head out to visit a memorial. No distance is set, so make it count.

More info and registration here.

Posted by is managed by Ryan Burns and is a part of The Rucking Collective, LLC. Ryan discovered Rucking through GORUCK and has completed numerous GORUCK events, including their 50-mile Star Course. You can reach him at

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